Storytelling and social media for PR, HR and Marketing

After two years in Silicon Valley I became a super fan and an expert on social media as a comms channel. So when I joined my new company in Germany I was at full speed and created:
  • the company's LinkedIn annual content plan, including sponsored
  • the company's Twitter account and annual content plan to build the follower base
  • key company's event pages in Facebook
  • the company's Snapchat account and content plan to build the follower base
Imagine it: it is 2019 and many big corporations still do not give the needed attention to social media. Advertisers are learning the tough way that a 20-something girl based in Russia has more impact on their sales than the multi-million TV ad that they have been producing for decades.

TV is dying. Netflix is just the beginning and commercials (the way we know them today) will also die. Native advertising and influencer marketing is the future. All based on social media as the platform to connect with consumers.

While it lasted: we did employer branding and we recruited young talent via Snapchat! I also gave a lot of Talks and workshops about using Snapchat as a comms tool for millennials!

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